Jericho Rose

Prepare to be surprised by the true Jericho rose, scientifically known as Anastatic hierochuntica. This amazing plant, native to arid regions of the Judean Desert in Israel, has the extraordinary ability to resurrect itself after long periods of dormancy.
Revealing the true rose of Jericho: Anastatica hierochuntica
The true rose of Jericho, scientifically known as Anastatica hierocontica, is a perennial herb belonging to the Brassicaceae family. This extraordinary botanical treasure, native to arid regions, especially the deserts of Israel, has adapted to survive in harsh desert conditions and boasts an amazing ability to revive.

The amazing phenomenon of resurrection
The most captivating feature of the true Jericho rose is its amazing ability to revive even after prolonged periods of apparent lifelessness. During drought, the leaves of the plant curl inward, form a compact ball, and seemingly wither. In this dormant state, the plant can remain for several years, patiently waiting for the arrival of favorable conditions for its revival.

When the real Rose of Jericho comes into contact with water, its transformation is nothing short of magical. It unfolds the tightly closed leaves, revealing a vibrant green appearance. The revival process can occur within a few hours to a few days, depending on the condition of the plant and the amount of water it receives.

Jericho rose
Jericho rose

Cultural significance and symbolism
The real Rose of Jericho has a deep cultural meaning and symbolism in different traditions and cultures, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The plant is revered for its ability to endure extreme desert conditions and regenerate with a touch of moisture, it embodies resilience, rebirth and renewal.

In Christian folklore, the rose of Jericho is intricately connected to the biblical story of the resurrection. The plant’s resurrection phenomenon is seen as a powerful symbol of life conquering death, serving as an inspiring metaphor for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Treatment of the true rose of Jericho: Anastatica hierochuntica
Creating optimal growing conditions
To ensure the proper care of the true Jericho rose, it is essential to replicate its natural habitat as closely as possible.

Light requirements: Provide Jericho rose with bright and indirect light. Placing it near a window where it can get plenty of sunlight without direct exposure to strong midday rays is ideal.

Temperature Considerations: The Jericho rose thrives in warm temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). Protect him from cold drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations to maintain his well-being.

Moisture Management: This desert plant prefers low humidity levels, reminiscent of its native arid environments. Avoid placing it in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Watering Instructions: Despite its reviving abilities, the true Jericho rose should not be submerged in water for extended periods. If you want to revive it, soak it in water until it opens and dry it again, you can repeat the process countless times.

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