The real rose of Jericho tradition

The real rose of Jericho tradition

The real rose of Jericho tradition
The real rose of Jericho tradition

Anastatica hierochunticaL. is also called the  “Resurrection” plant”  as its name the plan never completely died. The The real rose of Jericho had a lot of tradition all over the world.
Christian tradition says that when Jesus’ mother Mary escape from the Holy Land she try to get to Egypt through the judean desert then she meet and learned about the wonderful features of the rose of Jericho.

Maria greeted the judean desert and since that she saw the plant traditionally faithful for Christians that hold the plant at home.

Tradition The real rose of Jericho

Each family that will receive the real rose of Jericho will get blessing of fertility and prosperity. Christmas and Easter it is customary in Europe to give as a holiday gift the real rose of Jericho for friends and relatives.
What are the unique features that make the real rose of Jericho a plant never completely dead? well a simple experiment will demonstrate you the wonder of the plant.
Take a bowl of water, keep the plant dry and shrunken and cover it with water as you can see in the video here,


Not long time after that you will see the plant opened as hands spread wide, like it back to life again, now remove it from the water and place it to dry and you will notice that it will return to shrink in the form like he was at fist.
European use to putt on the open plant precious object like a ring, and when it will shrink the object will keep inside the rose until the next time that you putt it again in the water.You can repeat this experiment again and again for almost ten years.

The rose from the  Judean desert

Wondrous properties developed by the year of Jericho are the result of the difficult conditions in the Judean desert near Jericho, the lowest place on earth near the Dead Sea. Region where rain falls infrequently.
The plant belongs to the cruciferous scatter the seeds only after the desert get wet and soaked with water. Just then, the Rose spreads her arms and allow some of seeds to fall to the ground free cribs and produce the next generation.

In which there is not a drop of rain, the rose save the seeds as a mother devoted of her children fist, and protect them from birds and other desert animals, every year the Rose spread her arms and allow some of seeds away the planr careful not releasing all the seeds at once, but in small quantities at a time sufficient rainfall. And ensures that the seeds has good conditions to germinate. The process can take at last ten to twenty years.