The real Rose of Jericho - Anastatica hierochuntica

The real Rose of Jericho – Anastatica hierochuntica

The Flower of Maryam - Real Rose of Jericho
The Flower of Maryam – Real Rose of Jericho

The real The real Rose of Jericho  – Anastatica hierochuntica is a desert plant, growing in the deserts of the Middle East, originated in the Judean Desert in Israel.


2000 years ago The real Rose of Jericho was blessed by Santa Maria when she moved from the land of Israel and Egypt Santa Maria took the plant and congratulated him, in view of plant traits to revive itself again and thus saw a miracle – a sign of resurrection of Jesus.

Santa Maria congratulated the plant the real Rose of Jericho and then it has been recognized among the Christian. The real Rose of Jericho brings faithful works wonders and blessing for all the members of the family.

among Christians is acceptable to move the plant from generation to generation, because the durability of the plant, although the plant dry but after a few minutes of immersion in water is re-opened, with removal of the water plant shut down back and you can repeat this a thousand times.

Be ware

Please note that there are several plants sold in the world in the name of  Rose of Jericho – but Beware this Rose of Jericho, it’s not true it’s  not  the  real  plant. This plant  grows in Mexico and  as a member of the spikemoss family, the fake rose of jericho  Selaginella lepidophylla  may be toxic to cats, and it’s not the original real Rose of Jericho that was blessed by the Virgin Mary.

Anastatica hierochuntica

Rose of Jericho – Anastatica hierochuntica really looked dead and closed like a fist. The seeds are stored in the plant-is dead until the next hard rain, the seeds saved from eating and dehydration.

With the arrival of heavy rain dead plant tissues get wet and open, and the seeds and germinate common. Plant-is dead also serves as a Rain, A light rain will not open it. And drying dodge it will close again.