rose of jericho

About us the real Rose of Jericho

About us the real Rose of Jericho
About us the real Rose of Jericho

About us, the Real Rose of Jericho. The real Rose of Jericho is the world’s only company that markets the plant all over the world.

every year we sell tens of thousands of plants worldwide to the Christian community and churches that provide the The real Rose of Jericho as a gift for a donation to the church, a gift very unique and very valuable to the believers.

We grow the plant and ordered a large farm near Jericho in Israel and from there we market it worldwide, the plant delivery and packaging protected with care instructions.

Please note that there are several plants sold in the world in the name of  Rose of Jericho – but Beware this Rose of Jericho, it’s not true it’s  not  the  real  plant. This plant  grows in Mexico, and it’s not the original real Rose of Jericho that was blessed by the Virgin Mary.

Our farm

Our farm forehead grows takes two years and only the plants that pass strict quality control before we market it. Every year we grow thousands of this rose and ship it all over the word from Brazil to United state and Japan also, most of our sells are in USA Europe and south America countries.

We hope that you can benefit from the plant and transfer it to your children and grandchildren.